Come to taste it in our “Kafenio”, to take something with you at home or ask us to “spice” your events…
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A contemporary “Pantopolio” with absolute respect for our traditions. Products with history, unique or simply delicious. All carefully selected.
Each day we have something different on our menu, each day with a new “foodtale”! Pure and homely cooked for our “children”… For you!
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Greek Cultural Evening


Birthday Tale Vol. 2


Meet & Greet


Our Tale

  • “Greek Food Tales” unfolds its first culinary story…
  • Morning of the 25th of March 2013 (again you are not here on your nameday, I have you a present), “Once upon a time…”
  • The “Pantopolio”: Join us in stirring up memories and fragrances… Come to discover the uniqueness of the Greek nature…
  • The “Kafenio”: Warm and hospitable like the old times but with the service and delicacies of today… Pure and homely cooked for our “children”… For you!
  • “… The two of us will make, the world a fairytale…

They Said for Us

“Don’t be afraid to exposure your thoughts and your plans, don’t be afraid that you will be copied. When it is your idea then nobody can do it the same way like you…”
Jan Versteeg

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